Inguinal Hernia

A Short Glimpse

Groin hernias are the most common hernia (about 75% of all hernias are inguinal hernias). They occur through the inguinal canal, mostly seen in the males. Women also have the inguinal canal. But in women, the inguinal canal is much smaller, and as a result, inguinal hernias are much more uncommon than in men.

Inguinal Hernia

Have I an inguinal hernia?

You may see or feel a bulge under the skin at the groin.  Generally, it disappears spontaneously or when you lie down. The majority of hernias cause no pain at all. But, small ones may cause pain or if the hernia complicated such as strangulated.

What should I do?

See a doctor to confirm that. The GP will refer you to see a surgeon for hernia surgery.

Inguinal Hernia Surgery

There are several different approaches to hernia repair such as pure tissue repairs, open mesh repairs, keyhole surgery.

We mostly prefer both open mesh repairs and keyhole surgery. These two techniques have very successful results if performed by the experienced surgeons called Herniologist.

The course

Most inguinal hernia surgeries are daily interventions. The patient is discharged the next morning. The pain is quite low and does not restrict daily life. We use dissolvable stitches for skin incision closure that never need to remove them later. We let our patients go their home the second day after surgery.