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Great team for Head & Neck Cancer

in MENA From Alzahra Oncology & GI Centers in Dubai, in the heart of Middle East lead by Dr Sadir Alrawi AMERICAN boarded, Surgical Oncology, Head & Neck, minimally invasive surgery, Khaled Koutech, Dr Hassanin Shah, Dr Ziad fett, Dr Shabeeha Rana and Dr Hosam Al-Qudah, Dr Thamir AlKasab, Dr Muharrem Oner b CVW Alzahra Oncology & GI Centers Best Urological Oncology team Best a Gynecological Oncology team Best Soft tissue Sarcoma and bone tumors team Best Colorectal team t Best hematolowgy team Dubai UAE January 2020 Proud to be in Alzahra Call us on +971551010169l hashtag#healthcare hashtag#oncology hashtag#colorectal